We’ve had an exciting 2017 here at Imbibe Digital and are commemorating the year with a new tradition: our ‘Top 10 Custom Website Age Verification Builds of the Year’. For 2017, we had nearly 200 to choose from and selected the top 10 that not only look awesome, but are also a great representation of the various styles and techniques we can use when building a custom AgeVerify.co instance.

And the winners are:

#10 – ESPOLÓN Tequila (US) https://espolontequila.com/
Espolon Tequila is sold around the world, and this custom AgeVerify instance required the ability for users to easily select their country location which then automatically adjusts the corresponding age requirement based on the laws of the country selected. A great logo, and excellent use of color and fonts help this custom age verification instance, built on the Squarespace platform, stand out.

#9 – Azunia Tequila (US) https://www.azuniatequila.com/
We designed and built 4 unique AgeVerify layouts for Azunia Tequila, allowing the client to easily switch between versions via their WordPress plugin interface. This design also brings social media links directly to the age verification screen for easy access.

#8 – The Wine Shop Kenya (Kenya) http://www.thewineshopkenya.com/
A great example of a common style, date of birth entry. We designed this by creating a greyscale fullscreen background image that allows the age verification prompt to standout using colors taken directly from the clients logo.

#7 – WarPigs Brewing (US) http://warpigs.com/
Another great example of a common style, simple button entry. We took full screen images and the logo from WarPigs Brewing to create an age verification layout that seamlessly blends with the aesthetic of the existing website.

#6 – Drip Drop Distro (US) https://dripdropdistro.com/
Awesome logo, great use of color on the background image, social media links added directly to the age verification screen, and a great cloud video overlay all come together to make this custom age verification for the DripDropDistro vape and eliquid website stand out.

#5 – Omni Brewing (US) https://www.omnibrewing.com/
This custom age verification instance is the first we had ever built for customers using the Wix.com platform. For the design, we took an existing image from the clients website, transformed it into greyscale and modified the logo colors to really help it stand apart from the background.

#4 – Belvedere Vodka Australia (Australia) http://belvederevodkaau.com.au/
The layout complexity and attention to detail for this great looking custom AgeVerify instance can be viewed by resizing your browser when viewing the website and watching the layout items adjust from all 4 corners of the window to always remain in view and look great on any size device or screen. The branding and colors do an excellent job of conveying the quality and feel of the product. Another first, this was built on the Tumblr website platform.

#3 – Suerte Tequila (US) https://drinksuerte.com/
The Suerte branding and imagery is excellent. Load the website, adjust your browser size and check out how we took the rabbit image and kept it separated from the background…a nice effect and attention to detail.

#2 – Gordon’s Gin Venezuela (Venezuela) https://gordonsvzla.tumblr.com/
Gordon’s Gin is a global brand and we worked closely with the Mashup Interactive Agency to build this custom instance for the Gordon’s Gin Venezuela Tumblr website. A complex layout, written in Spanish, that scales nicely on any size device or screen.

#1 – Clover Hill Wines Australia (Australia) https://cloverhillwines.com.au/
Hands down, our favorite of the year. We built two different great looking layouts that the website administrator can easily switch between via the WordPress plugin interface, but what makes this age verification unique is the brand new approach to only prompting for the year of birth. If the year entered is equal to 18 years, the user will then receive a second prompt for the month of birth (and day of birth accordingly) to ensure the user is of age. This approach will users to more quickly enter the website if their year of birth is beyond 18 years ago as no secondary prompts will be displayed. We will be making this approach available to our Basic and Pro platform users during 2018.